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In 2014, a UFli Dream Team of related border collies participated in the UFLi Tournament of Champions. We had so much fun together… the words ‘what if’ were commonly exchanged. In February 2015, those ‘what ifs’ became reality as Run Riot was officially formed by a core group of like-minded flyballers sharing the same goals:

  • To run together as a team
  • To compete to the best of our ability
  • To train our dogs in the safest way possible
  • To learn the latest training methods and apply them appropriately
  • To celebrate success, both dog and owner alike
  • To travel to some great locations in the US & Canada
  • To have fun with our dogs and with each other

Our team has changed and grown since 2014, yet these goals still remain. And though our team is relatively new, we collectively share several years of combined flyball and training experience. That’s a lot of fur flying fun!

In addition to playing flyball, many of our dogs and owners have fun in other dogs sports such as disc, whippet racing, and dock diving. And most of all, our dogs are members of our family. They sleep in our beds, on our laps and make life that much more amazing.


2017 U-Fli Tournament of Champions
Run Riot A: 1st Place Division 4
2017 Meet Me in St. Louis
Run Riot B: 2nd Place S4 (Saturday)
Run Riot B: 5th Place S3 (Sunday)
2017 Slammers End of Summer Slam
Run Riot A: 3rd Place S1
2017 Vassar River Run
Run Riot A: 2nd Place S2
2017 Flyball Fundraiser Escanaba
Run Riot A: 4th/4th S2
Run RIot B: 4th/5th S4
Run Riot Variety: 1st/1st
2017 Mighty Mutts Summer Tournament
Run Riot A: 4th Place D1
2017 Flyball & Fun Hastings
Run Riot A: 1st Place S3
2017 Spring Has Sprung Ohio
Run Riot A: 2nd Place S2
2017 Spring Break New Berlin
Run Riot A: 2nd Place S2
2017 Winter Chill Out Grand Rapids
Run Riot A: 1st/2nd S2

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